Fun with Watercolor Pencils!

2015-09-27 20.02.28

Hi Everyone!  I hope you are doing well.  I’ve been neglecting my blog AGAIN, but I do have some fun watercolor pencil projects to share now.  I haven’t had much success with watercolor pencils in the past, but I decided to give them one more try when I saw a Prismacolor set (Prismacolor pencils are my favorite colored pencils), and I’m so glad I did!

2015-10-10 10.21.39

2015-10-01 21.27.36The Pentel Water Brushes were a life saver in my art class too.  They eliminate the need for cups of water and clean up easily by gently squeezing a little water out and wiping the bristles on a paper towel.

2015-10-10 10.19.34

I started out by making a color palette for myself, because the pencil colors change a bit once you add water.  I also experimented a bit with color mixing. 🙂

2015-10-10 10.11.43
My first class project idea was this “Inspirational Pumpkin.”

2015-09-23 16.36.43
I started by drawing the pumpkin with verse in pencil.  Then I went over the pencil with an ultra fine-tipped Sharpie.

2015-09-27 16.44.49
Next, I colored the entire pumpkin yellow (my highlight color), being careful to follow the contours of the pumpkin with the pencil lines.

2015-09-27 16.54.51
Then I added orange (my mid-tone), to the darker parts of the pumpkin and the crease lines.

2015-09-27 17.00.322015-09-27 17.24.42I then added red, blue, and brown to the darkest parts.

2015-09-27 18.52.11Next, it was time to add yellow, green, blue, and red to the stem.

2015-09-27 18.54.04
Then I added a little black to the very darkest places.  I also added a shadow under the pumpkin, which you’ll see in the next pic.

2015-09-27 19.49.45

2015-09-27 19.58.27
Finally, it was time to add the water.  Notice how much the color changes!

2015-10-01 21.27.14

Next, I decided to play around with some fall leaves. (I LOVE fall leaves). I found some WONDERFUL free to print leaf templates by Amber Wagner to speed things up a bit here: Oil and Blue Blog (Such a neat blog too.)

2015-10-01 21.30.19Love the way the colors blend when you add water!

2015-10-10 10.10.39

I’m struggling a bit with the veins… it’s a work in progress… ;0)

2015-10-07 19.24.35Last, but not least, I wanted to try a more realistic technique.  Not too shabby!  I’ll share a few photos of the process below.  It’s basically the same process as my first “Pumpkin Drawing” post: click here

2015-10-06 16.14.272015-10-06 20.04.282015-10-06 20.07.342015-10-07 13.52.132015-10-07 14.03.272015-10-07 14.11.072015-10-07 16.13.352015-10-07 16.48.322015-10-07 17.51.092015-10-07 17.54.442015-10-07 19.24.06

That’s all for now. Be sure to let me know if you decide to try your hand at any of these!



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