Portrait Drawing Part 2

2016-03-24 14.43.15

In my first post, I showed you how to begin to map out the face and draw the eyes and eye brows. Click here to view that post. In this post, I’ll show you how to add the nose and mouth.

Roughly speaking, the end of the nose is usually halfway between the eyes and the chin, or 1 1/2 “eye lengths” down. I wanted to be a little more precise, so I measured the distance from the corner of the eye to the tip of the nose. It was about an inch.

2016-03-20 07.33.49

I added a light mark to my face map for the end of the nose. I actually did this before I finished my eyes, but it’s fine to do it after.

2016-03-20 07.34.13

Next, I measured the distance between the end of the nose and the central line of the mouth.

2016-03-20 07.35.07

This space is just shy of 1/2 inch, so I marked that on my drawing.

2016-03-20 07.36.18

Now, we can start drawing the nose. The nostrils will sit just above the nose line. Try to draw the shape of the darkest part of the nostrils first.

2016-03-20 20.11.43

Once you have the nostrils, you can erase the guide line going down the middle of the nose and begin “carving out” the nose with shading. There are actually very few hard lines on the nose. There is a line at the edge of each nostril, but most of the rest is just shading. You may want to go back and darken the nostrils with your soft pencil if you have one.

2016-03-20 20.15.13

Add in all of the shadows you see on either side and under the nose. Start light…

2016-03-20 20.21.39

Now we’re ready for the mouth. You’ll notice that the corners of the mouth line up roughly with the inside edges of Audrey’s Irises. Sorry, the pencil distorts this a bit in my photo.

2016-03-20 20.25.36

Go ahead and sketch out the basic shape of the center line of the mouth beginning with the “mouth” mark you made earlier.

2016-03-20 20.28.19

Now lightly add the shape of the lips above and below.

2016-03-20 20.29.27

Once the shape is mapped out, shade the lips in. Pay attention to where the highlights and deepest shadows go.

2016-03-20 20.36.11

That’s it for this blog post. I’ll show you how to define the rest of her face and draw her ears in my next post. 🙂



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