Portrait Drawing Part 3

2016-03-24 19.18.09

In my previous 2 posts, I demonstrated how to map out the face and draw the eyes, nose, and mouth. Click here for the first post and here for the second post.  In this post, we’ll finish off our portrait.

We’ll start by adjusting the distance between her bottom lip and her chin. Measure…

2016-03-20 20.36.48

And mark…

2016-03-20 20.37.36

Now, we’ll continue to adjust the distance between various features and the side of her face.  Measure, measure, measure…

2016-03-20 20.37.57

2016-03-20 20.38.26

2016-03-20 20.38.47

2016-03-20 20.56.02

And Adjust…

2016-03-20 20.42.47

Next, measure the distance between the brow line and Audrey’s hair.

2016-03-20 20.47.49

Begin to map out the hair line across her forehead.

2016-03-20 20.48.56


2016-03-20 20.52.36

And map…

2016-03-20 20.54.31

I decided to go ahead and do a little more shading on this side of her face while I was mapping. It makes me feel better to have a little dimension. ;0)

2016-03-20 21.00.44

This would be a good time to add her left ear. The top of the ear lines up with the top of the eye brow and is roughly a cm from the side of her face.

2016-03-20 21.01.53

The bottom of the ear falls about a cm above the tip of the nose.

2016-03-20 21.02.44

Lightly sketch the outer edge of the ear.

2016-03-20 21.04.14

Now add the shadows inside the ear and the circle of her earring.

2016-03-20 21.08.15

Shade her earring. I also decided to sketch in a bit more of her hair before moving on. 🙂

2016-03-20 21.13.12

Now, a little more hair line measuring and mapping…

2016-03-20 21.15.00

2016-03-20 21.19.33

2016-03-20 21.15.27

And we’re ready to adjust the other side of her face and add the other ear. The top of the ear is about 3/4 of an inch from the arch of her brow. The side of her face is about a half inch from the arch of her brow.

2016-03-20 21.21.47

2016-03-20 21.21.15

2016-03-20 21.23.31

Map the ear…

2016-03-20 21.24.26

And fill in the shadows… I did a little more shading on the face and mapping on the hair too.

2016-03-24 11.28.12

I darkened her part.

2016-03-24 11.51.25

You’ll notice in the upcoming pics that I keep going back to darken various places in Audrey’s hair little by little.

2016-03-24 12.55.41

Now we’ll add Audrey’s neck. Measure…

2016-03-24 12.58.55

Her neck on this side is 3/8 of an inch, and it lines up with the inside of her pupil. Go ahead and add a slightly curved line for it.

2016-03-24 13.00.40

The other side of her neck is angled. It begins just under the jaw line and lines up roughly 1/4 inch from the end of her eyebrow.

2016-03-24 13.02.11

2016-03-24 13.02.59

The other end of her neck is 2 1/2 inches below the end of her eyebrow.

2016-03-24 13.03.57

2016-03-24 13.04.58

Connect the dots, then measure out her shoulders, noting where her shirt begins….

2016-03-24 13.52.39

2016-03-24 13.54.10

Notice her right shoulder is a half inch farther out on the bottom of the ruler than on the top.

2016-03-24 13.48.36

You’ll also want to map out her arms and the little sliver of back on her left side (our right)…

2016-03-24 13.50.22

2016-03-24 13.57.35

I just eyeballed the neckline.

2016-03-24 14.02.33

Once you have her neck and shoulders mapped out, you can begin adding shadows where you see them.

2016-03-24 14.05.16

If you get them too dark, you can dab them a bit with your eraser.

2016-03-24 14.12.21

Next, begin shading in her shirt.

2016-03-24 14.36.09

2016-03-24 14.43.15

There are some faint highlights on her left side.

2016-03-24 15.55.36

At this point in my drawing, I realized that I had forgotten to add the dangling parts of her earrings. Oops!

The bottom of her left earring lines up with the corner of her mouth and is about 1/8 of an inch from her jaw line.


2016-03-24 15.57.44

Mark the bottom of the earring.

2016-03-24 15.59.34

Then sketch it in.

2016-03-24 16.01.17

Repeat those steps for the other earring.

2016-03-24 16.19.27

2016-03-24 16.18.09

Shade both earrings.

2016-03-24 16.33.50

Now go back and add any missing shadows and darken any that are too light. You may want to use your soft pencil on the darkest darks.

2016-03-24 17.02.56

2016-03-24 17.17.31

2016-03-24 17.20.06

2016-03-24 17.36.41

If you’re drawing on tinted paper, you may want to use a charcoal white pencil on the whites of the eyes and the brightest highlight on the mouth.

2016-03-24 19.08.12

2016-03-24 19.08.24

And that’s it! I hope you found this helpful. 🙂

2016-03-24 19.05.31








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