Student Gallery

I’ve set up this page to display student art work.  If you’ve completed one of my projects, or one of your own that you would like to share, I would love for you to submit a photo for me to post on here!  You can send them to me at  Please include your first name, age (if you’re comfortable with that), and approximate geographic location (i.e. Virginia).  I can’t wait to see what you’ve done!

🙂 CL Swanner



Another beautiful piece of art by Miss Emme!


These beautiful portraits were submitted by one of my favorite drawing students, Emme, from Florida. She wasn’t in my class this semester, but she did these on her own following the tips in my last blog post. Amazing job, Emme! I especially love the sparkle in their eyes. 🙂


Elijah and Emma


Look at these WONDERFUL Greek Vases painted by Elijah, age 11, and Emma, age 7, from Florida!  I LOVE the geometric shapes and the horses.  Thanks for sharing these…and great job!  🙂


My Co-Op students did such a great job on their artwork last spring, I just have to post a few pics of our end of semester display!

Here is a closer view of the 3rd-5th grade artwork.

Here is a closer view of the 6th-8th grade artwork.

Beautiful watercolor Easter eggs sent in by

Jamie, age 12, from Oklahoma.

I especially LOVE the baby chick and the flowers…very creative!


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